Pure Fire

Pure Fire

Ueberschall Pure Fire [DVD][VSTi/Elastik]

Equipped with 20 pumping construction kits. 900 loops are bundled for excessive alternative personalization options.

Pure Fire
Blazin` Beats for the next Level


Equipped with 20 pumping construction kits based on minimalist influence with a blast of artificial texture overload. These stealthy, covert themes were made to fuel endless high-tech tracking needs. Each kit includes intro / outro, verses and refrains standard. 900 loops are bundled for excessive alternative personalization options.

From unconventional electronica up to EPIC classical string and choral parts rolling over uptempo and half-time beats. Pure Fire offers everything needed to scorch your mixes and push your productions potential to the peak.

Set it Off
Pure Fire contains a robust range of next level Urban grooves. Drum grooves also supply separated kit layers ( bassdrum, snare, hihat ) and countless single sounds. All contents are preprogrammed for the instant Elastik experience. Ready for ignition under all majors DAWs. Instruments covered include:
• Analogue and Digi Synth licks
• Extra Wide Bass lines
• Hybrid Guitars (Clean+DIST)
• Percussion (World and Kit)
• Strings (Classical and Synthetic)
• Choir
• Horns
• Atmospheres and Special Fx

Pure Fire, now available from Ueberschalls Nouvelle series, is an intense multi purpose collection, compatible with many genres and project platforms. Great for Music Production GameAudio, Film Cues, the Web, DJ's and others.

Set the Blaze!

All ideas and production by Pure Kaozz-aka-Kahlil Feegel

Originated from Berlin/Germany. Pure Kaozz produced for Anastecia and many German artists, made remixes for Kraftwerk  and Dru Hill and Swizz Beatz. Pure Kaozz  also cooperated with Yello, David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino for score music and commercials.


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This product was released on 11 Feb 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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