Nuro Audio Xpitch

  • Product Type: VST Plug-ins
  • MAC OSX Compatible PC Windows Compatible
  • Platform: MAC OSX X64 Intel, PC Windows x64
  • Disks: 1 CD
  • Format: AU, VST, VST3
Nuro Audio Xpitch

Pro pitch correction & manipulation. Powerful new workflows. Instant results.

The most intuitive automatic tuning and pitch manipulation plugin ever built. From natural pitch correction to the classic robotic effect - faster and easier than ever before.

Powerful tuning for all styles

Powered by our next-gen pitch correction algorithm, Xpitch provides a full range of tuning options right out of the box.

Get subtle, natural corrections that preserve the human element of your performance.

Or get ultra fast automatic tuning for the classic robotic sound.

Xpitch makes it easy to achieve the exact type of tuning you’re looking for with intuitive controls.

Xpitch features a massive 48 semitone range of pristine independent pitch and formant shifting for even more creative sonic possibilities.

Plus, with a sample-accurate mix knob, you can easily dial in the perfect amount of pitch and formant shifting to discover brand new tones.

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This product was released on 09 Jul 2024. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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