Acustica Audio Silk Eq [DVD]

Acustica Audio Silk Eq [DVD]

Acustica Audio Silk Eq v.1.3.693.0 [DVD]

The Silk Eq is inspired by the sound of a German built equalizer from the 1960’s, featuring transformer balanced inputs and outputs, discreet Transistor buffer and gain stages, switched inductive Mid Band, and broad Low and High shelves.
Silk Eq can be used on a broad range of sound sources -- single instruments, buss duties, and overall mix sweetening.
Initial client feedback has suggested it’s very musical on Vocals, Acoustic instruments.
Silk is available in 4 sampling frequencies: 44.1, 48.0, 88.2, 96.0.


Sampling process has been performed by Tim Petherick. The unit was sampled with Mastering quality Convertors, using a method which takes considerably more time than the normal sampling standard. This method is of benefit to the entire audio spectrum.
High and Low shelves were sampled together, cutting down on the amount of times the sample tone traveled through the hardware and convertor circuits. This benefits the sonic accuracy and overall shape of the curves.
Four sample rates are provided, this avoids any negative SRC artifacts when matching with project sample rates, and helps project loading times.

Despite the digital revolution in the pro audio industry, many of today’s top albums are still mixed with analog outboard gear. Many people feel that Mixing in the Analog domain imparts an elusive quality, a greater sense of weight, space, dynamics with a more ‘three dimensional’ image.
The sounds of Analog devices is potentially complex. The initial signal is changed in many, often very subtle ways, distortion characteristics, frequency response deviations, nonlinear saturation for instance.
Volterra technology captures these nonlinear characteristics inherent in the original hardware.


Low Shelf: The Low Frequency Shelf fixed at 40 Hz with ±15dB of adjustable gain. Interestingly the Low Shelf Eq curves are of different shape whether in boost or cut, this is faithfully reproduced from the original unit.

High ShelfShelf: High Frequency Shelf fixed at 15 kHz with ±15dB of adjustable gain.
Just how the low shelves are faithfully reproduced from the original unit, the high Shelf Eq curves are also differently shaped whether in boost or cut.

Mid Bell: On the original Hardware called ‘Presence’.

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This product was released on 28 Apr 2014. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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