E-MU Proteus X Desktop Sampling System

E-MU Proteus X Desktop Sampling System
Proteus X is a 24-bit sound module for your PC that combines the pristine sound quality, powerful synthesis and Z-Plane filters of E-MU's legendary sound modules, with the disk streaming, file management and interface advantages of software instruments. E-MU Systems introduced the world's first sound module in 1989, and has broken sonic ground with each new release, including the Morpheus, Orbit, Mo'Phatt and many more. Proteus X is the culmination of over 15 years of sound module development, including E-MU's patented pitch interpolation that delivers unmatched sound quality along with the most advanced synthesis and effects architecture - all controlled by E-MU's easy-to use interface that lets you effortlessly dial in the right sound in seconds.

Expansive Sound Library and Format Support:

You can expand your Proteus X with soundsets from some of E-MU's most popular sound modules, like the Mo'Phatt, Virtuoso 2000 and Planet Earth, as well as any CD-ROM from the Emulator X library. Proteus X also supports a host of other sound formats, including EOS, EIII, GigaSampler, Akai, HALion, EXS24, and SoundFont 2.1.

Advanced Synthesis Architecture:

Proteus X offers one of the most powerful synthesis engines in the world, with 36 patchcords per voice, over 50 patented Z-Plane morphing filters, multi-wave LFO's, conditional voice modulation, clock modulation and a host of other synthesis features and parameters. Proteus X also allows you to save your favorite synth setups as templates for quick editing.

Integrated Effects Processors

Each Proteus X preset has two discrete effects processors with comprehensive MIDI modulation, as well as three effects processors per Multi Setup - up to 67 simultaneous effects. Proteus X also features a hardware-accelerated effects processor (over 600 presets) that can be used stand-alone or as a VST plug-in within your favorite audio/sequencer program with no CPU load on your computer.

Total Flexibility:

Standalone/VSTi Operation, Streaming/RAM Playback You can use Proteus X as a stand-alone instrument or run it as a VST instrument within your sequencer; stream your samples from hard disk or playback from RAM - Proteus X is a flexible, professional instrument that seamlessly integrates into your studio.

PatchMix DSP:

The included PatchMix DSP software delivers up to 32 channels of zero-latency hardware mixing and monitoring with flexible virtual patchbay - no external mixer needed.

Intuitive Sound Module Interface:

Proteus X offers you an intuitive sound module interface to quickly dial in your sounds, with easy-to-use librarian and search functions to find that perfect preset in seconds. Proteus X automatically tracks and catalogs all presets across your entire system.

Внимание! Для работы с EMU Emulator-X и EMU Proteus-X необходима звуковая карта EMU, а именно одна из следующих звуковый плат: EMU 0404, 1212, 1212M, 1820, 1820M .

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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