There are full chromatic multi-sampled instruments of a Hohner Morino, an Accordiana, a Concertina, a Paolo, a Parrot and a bandoleon. Program details: Paolo Italy (30 Mb each) An old and characteristic instrument. The largest Piano accordeon in this set. 34 treble notes. Perfect for ZYDECO. Paolo Sax (the 8 foot registration, almost no vibrato) - PAOLO MUSETE (very convincing vibrato, full tone, clear and versatile...) Concertina (30 MB) a beautiful and very expensive new Concertina made by STAGI. Very smooth and agile instrument, originally designed for classical music, but very suited for folk music and chordal song accompaniment. Its hexagonal shape made me love the instrument right away. Accordion (30 MB) button accordeon (often called button box, squeeze box or melodeon). PARROT (30 Mb) This is a very cheap and old instrument, with a very personal sound. Seriously out of tune, charming as can be. BANDOLEON (30 MB) The famous tango instrument. An original Ela Ela from the Sexteto Mayor. Out of tune and nasty to play. We love it. HOHNER 16 This is basically the 16 foot registration from the beautiful HOHNER MORINO. I recorded all white keys. So there were 26 stereo samples. First partition is stereo (30 MB). I made several programs, with and without additional LFO vibrato, with and without artificial stop and beginning note clicks . Listen to the keys being pressed and released...! HOHNER 16 mono (15 Mb) Same samples and programs as above but mono. HOHNER MUSETTE (30 Mb) Is a 3x 8 foot registration on the MORINO. All reeds are a little bit differently pitched, giving a very beautiful vibrato. Also several programs with LFO and additional click MONO MUSETTE (15Mb) HOHNER TUTTI 16+8+4 ft. (30 Mb) Same story as above but the 16 foot+8 foot+4 foot registration. MONO TUTTI (15 Mb) HOHNER 4 (30 Mb) 4 foot registration. HOHNER 4 MONO (15Mb) HOHNER 16+8 (30 Mb) 16 foot + 8 foot. H 16+8 MONO (15 Mb) Morino Small Here I made a small version of the big programs above. I used only 8 samples for each program, thus giving 2 MB programs each. These stereo programs don't sound as natural as the 32 MB stuff above, but then...they were made for small budget (memory) configurations. 16 MORINO, 8 MORINO, 4 MORINO, 16+8 MORINO, TUTTI MORINO (10 MB total) System Requirements: AKAI S1000 Sampler or compatible, 32MB RAM, SCSI CDROM Drive

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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