Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol.2 [DVD]

Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol.2 [DVD]

Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol.2 [DVD]

Vengeance Rhythm Guitars Vol. 2 is back and bigger than ever! The 1.8GB of data includes more than 1500 outstanding guitar wav files, along with 43 new construction kits. Do you want to customize your own guitar chord arrangements? You can, because each of the guitar loops is recorded on all keys, in minor and major scales, 5th or octaved. All loops are recorded with an awesome stereo field using only the highest quality microphones and amps. Nylon, steel and distorted guitars are included in this mix, covering modern dance and chart music styles. A chart hit without a guitar hook? Unthinkable.


  • more than 1500 professionally recorded guitar samples
  • contains guitar construction kits
  • each construction kit contains every note (c, c#, d, d# etc.)
  • each construction kit in minor and major scale
  • guitars: nylon, electric, wha wha, muted, steel, distortion, etc.
  • outstanding recording quality with the most expensive amps and mixers
  • played by professional guitarists
  • contains bonus folder with more than 300MB of guitar melody loops
  • over 1860MB material spread over 1545 files
  • 16bit, 44.1khz, stereo, WAV format
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This product was released on 23 Jul 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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