Outer Limits

Outer Limits

Zero-G OUTER LIMITS - a plug-in Virtual Sound Module featuring a massive FOUR GIGABYTE core library of more than five hundred unique soundscapes by IAN BODDY, powered by a Custom High-Performance Native Instruments Audio Engine (VST 2.0, DXi, ASIO, AU, RTAS, Mac & PC)

OUTER LIMITS is a new ZERO-G/XFONIC virtual instrument powered by Native Instruments Kompakt and featuring a massive FOUR GIGABYTE core library of more than five hundred unique soundscapes. It is a journey through dreams and nightmares, full of sounds beyond your imagination.

OUTER LIMITS is Ian Boddy's follow-up to his critically acclaimed MORPHOLOGY Kompakt instrument but this time he has delved deeper and darker than ever before. Every patch in this fantastic collection will stimulate your creativity. The range of sounds this instrument is capable of is truly amazing, from shimmering pads, to mysterious drones, crystalline digital manipulations to dark distorted atmospheres, menacing mechanisms, evocative resonances, surreal sound effects, complex cascades, formant sheens, dark disturbing horror, analogue waves, amazing space textures, strange vocal synthesis and of course, sounds from the Outer Limits of space and time. Patches this complex put many other synths to shame! And you can layer EIGHT of these at a time to create incredibly complex soundscapes.

Categories include: Ambient Loops, Analogue Waves, Chamber of Horrors, Click & Glitch, Deep Space, Dense Soundscapes, Digital Drones, Digital Manipulations, Distorted Views, Heavy Drones, Machine Dreams, Minimalism, One Shot Synth FX, Outer Limits, Surreal to Real, Transcendental, Twisted Pads, Vintage Synth Atmos, Vocal Transformations and White Noise Atmospheres.


Hardware Instruments

Analogue Solutions Modular
Analogue Systems Modular
Doepfer A-100
Modular Minimoog
Roland JP8000
Roland System-100M with 184 Polyphonic Keyboard

Software Instruments

AAS Tassman 4
Camel Audio CA5000
Cycling 74 Pluggo instruments
Hartmann Neuron VS
Logic Pro instruments
NI Absynth 2
NI Kontakt & Kompakt
NI Metaphysical Function
NI Reaktor 4 & 5

Hardware FX

Lexicon PCM 80
Sony R7

Software FX

AAS Tassman 4 FX
Ableton Live FX
Antares Infinity
Audioease Altiverb 4 & 5
Audioease Nautilus Bundle
Audioease thOnk
Bias Peak
Cycling 74 Pluggo
IK Multimedia TRacks
iZotope Trash & Vinyl
Logic Pro FX
NI Reaktor 4 & 5 FX
PSP Lexicon PSP42 & PSP84
SFX Machine RT
Spectral Relativity
U&I Metasynth Pro 4
Waves Native Power Pack
Waves Renaissance EQ, Reverb & Compressor


Environmental recordings
Various ethnic percussion

Markus Reuter Equipment

Warr Guitars TSG-8
Field recordings
BOSS GT-5 and GT-6
Line 6 DL-4
Oberheim Echoplex
Produced and processed with Ableton Live 4

Mark Shreeve Equipment

ARP 2600
Doepfer A100 & Analogue Systems modular
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 MkII
Moog IIIC modular system
SE MidiMini
Yamaha CS30
EMT 262 Plate Reverb
Hughes & Kettner Rotosphere
Korg SE500 Stage Echo


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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