SynthLine vol.15 - Trinity

SynthLine vol.15 - Trinity
Trinity • 50 Programs • 540 MB • 1 Sample CD

Trinity Ovature
Old School
Split Vox
Morphing Air
Piano Ensemble
New Set Of Strings
Maximum Impact
Killer Miller
08 Shakoto Chamber Strings
Breath Of Fire Pad & Gtr Big Perc
Organ Megasaurus
Rex Sad Movie Scene
Phat Tip
Split Dragons
World MIDI Piano
Dyna Slap Bass
Piano & Strings
Deep Str
Standup & Polytone
Garden Jazzy Organ
Miles After Miles
Virtual Joystick
Jamaican Stuff
Scoring Horns
Modern Ensemble
Meet Thy Doom
Dst Gtr
Asian World
Orch Masterpiece
Soul In Space
Durgangos Daugther
Tutti Pipe Super Lead
Who's Next
Power Music Belish Maniacs
Orchestral Hero
Euro Trance
In The Pyramid String Ensemble
Beauty & The Beast
Dark Analog Pad
Spectagoon & Pad Doubled
Strings String Sunrise

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This product was released on 18 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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