SoundScan vol.12 - Bass Analog & Synth

SoundScan vol.12 - Bass Analog & Synth

• Total : 227 samples
( 120 analog bass / 101 digital bass )
• 78 audio tracks
• Akai partition : 39 volumes
• Wav/Aiff : 129 MB
• Categories: Funk/Newjack, Disco, Ragga, Sub, Garage, Pop, Acid…

The widest possible selection of classic synthesisers has been used, including the analog greats such as MiniMoog, Prophet, Yamaha™ CS70m, Oscar, Matrix 12, MS 20 and Roland™ Jupiter 8, Mks 50, SH101 & Juno 106. But also many recent digital synths such as Yamaha™ DX7, Roland™ JD800 & 990, Kurzweil™ K2000, Korg™ 01/W & Wavestation. A truly usable and efficient collection that is devastatingly powerful.
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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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