Dance Mega Hip Hop/Electro

Dance Mega Hip Hop/Electro

Over 1,000 drum loops and 500 sounds give you plenty of funky beats for hip-hop and electro.

Dance Mega Hip Hop/Electro gives you 1,100 stereo drum loops, including 850 hip-hop and 250 electro loops, plus 500 fresh hip-hop sounds including funky guitar licks and multisamples, synths, basses, drums, and more. 2-CD set includes an audio CD and a 500MB mixed mode Akai/E-MU CD-ROM. 80-120BPM.

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You may buy Dance Mega Hip Hop/Electro or download it from our website.
This product was released on 17 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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