Native Instruments Massive

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Native Instruments Massive

Native Instruments Massive [VSTi / DXi / RTAS / UB | PC/MAC]

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A Modern Masterpiece

MASSIVE is a sonic monster. The analog concept belies the cutting edge, contemporary sound it generates. The high-end engine delivers pure quality, lending an undeniable virtue and character to even the most saturated of sounds. The interface is clearly laid out and easy to use, ensuring you will have MASSIVE generating earth-shuddering sounds from the very first note.

Uncompromising Sound

Covering an exceptionally wide range of styles, MASSIVE is a true multi-talent. From violently rugged and deep monophonic bass rumblings to silkily smooth, gliding and gently fluctuating electronic pads, from techno and leftfield electronica to pop and film music, MASSIVE's sonic spectrum is as broad as it is inspiring. This unique synthesizer has its own uncompromising character that produces the most distinctive of sounds.

Good To Go

Equipped with some 460 production-ready presets and multi-sounds, all crafted by leading artists and designers, you can start using MASSIVE immediately and without any fuss. The integrated KoreSound® Browser makes managing the KORE-configured presets easy. Fast search and filter functions let you find presets according to specific characteristics and attributes – a particularly musical and intuitive approach.

Center Stage

On stage, MASSIVE is sure to grab the limelight. An array of special features makes it ideal for live performances. The integrated step sequencers and effects section as well as a highly flexible modulation concept deliver the necessary versatility. All these features have been implemented with a focus on usability, with the result that MASSIVE is just as easy to use on a hectic stage as it is in the creative environment of a studio.

Top Features

* High-end audio engine sets a new standard both in sound quality and sonic character
* Flexible signal flow delivers huge range of sounds: from deep, brutal basses to delicate, crystalline leads
* Wave Scanning oscillators generate sounds of both a digital and an analog nature
* Innovative and intuitive features allow fast and easy creation of fresh new sounds
* Combination of simplicity with revolutionary, advanced features make MASSIVE ideal for both beginners and experts
* Easy-to-use knobs with dynamic value indicators, drag'n'drop modulation assignment
* Integrated step sequencers and an effects section with 17 master and insert effects
* MASSIVE uses the KoreSound™ format, ensuring perfect integration with KORE
* KoreSound™ Browser for easy searching of 460 KORE-configured sounds
* Advanced sequencing and remote features make MASSIVE perfect for live performance


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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OK it works!! I mean, not the plug-ins, but as a stand-alone app, I can set Massive to take MIDI from the IAC (internal) MIDI bus input in macOS, and use the "external instrument" in Live to send whatever MIDI to the IAC output. Record the output back into live and I have the track. It's a workaround but maybe this is how the rock stars do it lol.... The big surprise was that I must delay the MIDI out to Massive by 60 ms!! I could tell the timing was off, and tried a lot of settings but I assumed the external instrument would be slower. I guess not! Live must send the MIDI output before doing any of its own audio synthesis, and it ends up a huge 60 ms behind. I have a bunch of Massive preset libraries that I want to try, and this way will work. (Massive X is very cool, it is part of the subscription. It really uses too much CPU though, and unfortunately, Massive X does not understand Massive presets. ;=) Thanks again! You know I will be back before too long.
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