Native Instruments KORE Sounds - Essential Bass

Native Instruments KORE Sounds - Essential Bass

Native Instruments KORE Sounds - Essential Bass [DVD]

ESSENTIAL BASS is an instrument consisting of 200 versatile bass sounds. This collection is bursting with basses of every kind. Ranging from classic monster synths to electric basses and even a beautifully sampled antique upright, this pack has something for producers of any style- whether it's pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz, funk, dubstep, house, techno or beyond.

ESSENTIAL BASS is full of highly useable, production-ready bass sounds made with cutting-edge sound design techniques. Making full use of advanced KONTAKT scripting, renowned sound-design house Scarbee have have provided fingered and slapped bass adapted from their premium Red Bass series. Also included are sampled Minimoog, Roland Juno-60 and Studio Electronics SE-1 synths, as well as a picked electric bass courtesy of Pettinhouse. Plus, inventive and totally phat bass sounds have been developed via REAKTOR SPARK and legendary REAKTOR ensemble, Steampipe. Every bass can be tweaked further via powerful KORE 2 and free KORE PLAYER software.

ESSENTIAL BASS features easily adjustable sounds that sit correctly with your drums, reducing the time consuming process of searching for and tweaking sounds. Using pro techniques of doubling-up bass sounds to fully round out the bottom end, this instrument gives your tracks that sought-after weight and presence. From the dirty synth attack of MASSIVE, FM8's and ABSYNTH's heavy digital waves, GUITAR RIG's nuanced tone tweaking and KONTAKT's exceptional double bass - ESSENTIAL BASS answers your every low end need.


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This product was released on 05 Feb 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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