MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 v21.0.1.28

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 v21.0.1.28

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 v21.0.1.28

Great sound quality. Minimal effort. MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 contains an impressive array of tools, 1-click solutions and first-class presets for recording, editing, cutting and converting audio files.

Switch on the music. And sit back and switch off.

MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab 2016 was developed to let you get the most out of your audio material in the shortest possible time. Fade out noise and get away from the daily grind too. Easy handling, thematic sound settings, and professional audio technology make this software a true multi-tool for achieving excellent sound.


For top recording: Easily record vinyl, cassettes and other media to your computer.


Powerful tools, effects, filters and automations make editing audio easier than ever before.


Over 290 presets: With only a few clicks you can easily remove hissing, crackling, wind noise and other disturbances.


Easily convert audio files into any standard format and save them on a CD, smartphone or hard drive.

The most important features:

  • Removal of disturbing noises such as wind, rain or crackling
  • Wide range of presets for sound optimization
  • Import CDs to computer
  • Automatic retrieval of album information such as song titles & CD covers
  • Reduce clipping & adjust volume
  • Add sound effects or audio commentary
  • Optimized for touch screen control
  • Easier import and export of audio files
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This product was released on 02 Sep 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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