INetSynth [Full Version]

INetSynth [Full Version]

KeyToSound INetSynth VSTi / RTAS synthesizer + full sound library

The INetSynth runs a True Stereo® Signal Path (two signals, left and right) throughout the entire preset, starting with the oscillators, passing through modulation, filters, and effects, to the final output. The INetSynth’s true stereo signal path opens up the stereo image of the sound without reducing the number of voices or polyphony. This True-Stereo® signal path opens the doors of creativity when designing soaring leads, pads, or growling bass lines.

XWM® // Extreme Wave Memory accommodates large stereo samples by providing key-maps and individual loop points for both left and right channels. XWM technology not only produces rich and full sounds, but by handling samples efficiently, you get more performance and lower latency on playback. The INetSynth handles samples much the same way as a hardware sampler, yet gives you unlimited modulation options to create complex sounds easily.

The INetSynth is the first synthesizer ever to feature Resonance Noise Oscillators or R-Noise Oscillators®. The R-Noise Oscillator modulates a signal in a very unique way, creating a recognizable signature to the final sound. You won’t find a R-Noise Oscillator® on any other synthesizer – hardware or software!

"Multi" Oscillators are stacked Saw Tooth wave oscillators. The oscillators are layered and can be slightly detuned, producing a natural and bright timber. This is simply achieved by selecting one of the many preprogrammed “stacks” in a preset and adjusting the detune amount. This is another feature you won’t get from a hardware synthesizer!

The INetSynth has sixteen Multi-timbral layers each capable of loading a key-map with up to 128 presets making it not just a multi-timbral synthesizer, but a “Super Multi-timbral” synthesizer. That’s a Super Multi-timbral layer capable of layering 2048 presets to be triggered by the hit of a single key!

The INetSynth Presets are platform independent and can be auditioned and distributed online through the built in INetSynth Preset Browser. Using the NetNotes™ system, the INetSynth gives you access to presets in a way that no other synthesizer can – immediately!


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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