Hypersonic XXL

Hypersonic XXL

Steinberg Hypersonic XXL

This package is all you could ever want when it comes to quality sample sounds. Hypersonic is a quality virtual sound module that has really taken off since it's release at Chrismas 2003. Steinberg have now added the Hyperbundle with the Hypersonic to make the Hypersonic XXL.

The Hypersonic music workstation VSTi has already established itself as the most cost-effective and convenient way to enhance your sonic palette. Now, Hyper Modules extend its flexibility by letting you expand the core program with a series of professional, specialized software instruments.

US-1 Ultra Synthesiser: Revisit the rich sound of analogue synthesis with this highly customisable, sonically compelling virtual analogue/digital synthesiser. This Hyper module adds a Virtual Analogue / Wavetable synthesiser to Hypersonic’s arsenal.


* High-end audio quality, fat and powerful sound, flexible modulation options
* 3 oscillators with analogue waveforms, wavetable synthesis, sync, and unison mode
* Multimode filter with osc audio modulation and overdrive
* 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs
* Modulation matrix for easy modulation control and expressive playing
* Expert page for detailed adjustment of various sound parameters
* Includes 256 patches from professional sound designers


* The US-1 has 44 wavetables. Each wavetable contains 64 single cycle waveforms which can be selected via the wave knob or modulated via the mod matrix.
* The 44 wavetables in the US-1 are varied and versatile and allow totally different waveform colors to be produced by oscillators 1 & 2.

Control Sequences

* Control sequences are one of the most powerful and creative tools available in the US-1. They allow you to shape and mold your sounds in countless ways, from simply automating panning and creating gating effects to sweeping wavetables and sync amounts or generating luscious evolving pads.
* The applications are endless but the principal is simple, a control sequence let's you create and mold the shape of a modulation source that can be applied to any parameter(s) available in the Mod Matrix.

Multi Saw

* Saw Multi produces seven sawtooth oscillators simultaneously for a fat polyphonic unison sound that is also very CPU efficient. Using the US-1 wave knob adjusts the detuning of the seven oscillators.

All Hyper Modules are fully editable, and have their own inspiring, easy-to-navigate user interface. Get the most out of Hypersonic - and your music - with Wizoo's innovative Hyper Modules.

GP-2 Grand Piano: The GP-2 Grand Pianos, as the name suggests, offer not just 1 grand piano but actually 2 completely different grand pianos. The model 1 piano is bright with a lot of punch and attack and is great for sticking its head thru a full sounding mix. The model 2 grand piano has a very soft and gentle nature and is more mellow.


* Two piano models
* Character adjustment knob (soft/ natural/ bright/ hard)
* Three versions of each piano are optimized for different amounts of available host RAM
* Adjustable velocity curve with three preset buttons
* Grand Piano Models
* The GP-2 Grand Pianos, as the name suggests offers not just 1 grand piano but actually 2 completely different grand pianos.
* The model 1 piano is quite bright and present with a lot of punch and attack and is great for sticking its head thru a full sounding mix.
* The model 2 grand piano has a very soft and gentle nature and is mellower.

Sound Character

* The Sound Character section's sophisticated control knob let's you finely adjust the complex response of the GP-2 to suit your musical style or technique in terms of both volume and tone. Four main sound characters are displayed and the Sound Character control knob seamlessly morphs between and beyond these 4 tonal characters, offering endless fine adjustment and control.

True Sustain Resonance

* This is a rather sophisticated feature found on no sampler, and only on a few very costly digital pianos.
* When you play a note on an acoustic grand piano, only the damper of that key is raised. All other strings are damped and only the sound of the string hammered by that key is audible. Say you step on the right (hold or sustain) pedal. This causes all the dampers of all keys to be lifted from all strings. Now when you hit a key, the vibration of its string causes surrounding strings and the housing to vibrate sympathetically (or resonate). The sound produced by this sonic event could be described as something similar to a harmonically rich reverb.
* As well as this, the GP-2 features re-pedaling, requested by demanding pianists: Even when you press the sustain pedal after hitting the keys, the resonances fade in smoothly.

NB-3 Tonewheel Organ: Emulate the great legendary organs and rotor cabinets of the ’50s, from punchy house bass to roaring valve leads, with this superb virtual tonewheel organ emulation. The Organ can be changed from Real, Dirty, Clean, Sine, Soft, Saw, Square, Buzz, Bright to Rich with ease.


* 9 drawbars
* Unique tonewheel emulation (variable from the original sine wave sound to a dirtier, more complex timbre)
* Buttons for percussion on/off, loud/soft, short/long, 3rd/2nd harmonic
* Virtual rotary speaker cabinet with valve preamp, controls for speed, color and overdrive
* Authentic rotor horn display
* Rotary cabinet can be an FX element in any patch
* Includes 64 patches by Peter Gorges


* One of the most important feature for creating or modifying your NB-3 sound color is the tonewheels selector.
* The NB-3 features 10 different Tonewheel waveform shapes. The classic tonewheel organs were only capable of generating a single basic sine wave shape but we have implemented a range of colors to enable you to create a multitude of other organ sounds and colors not normally available with a single hardware organ.

NB-3 Rotary Cabinet

* No tonewheel organ would be caught dead without a rotary cabinet connected and lurking in the vicinity and the NB-3 of course has a great rotary simulation that won't put you in hospital each time you physically move your music project. When we were designing the NB-3 we decided to add the rotary cabinet as an effect element (Rotary Speaker 2) rather than integrate it into the NB-3 User Interface, the reason being that Rotary cabinets are very useful for other types of sounds and not just organs.
* Having the rotary cabinet available as an effect element means that you can use it with any Hypersonic patch, organ or otherwise.

Tube Drive

* The Tube drive allows you to add tube overdrive before the speakers.


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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