Guitar RIG 4

Guitar RIG 4

Native Instruments Guitar RIG 4 [VSTi]

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO is the ultimate all-in-one guitar and bass solution for perfect custom tone. The powerful and intuitive software comprises of a vast array of amps, cabinets, mics and effects, recreated in stunning detail. The latest version includes 2 new amps, 4 new super-flexible effects and above all, the revolutionary Control Room for that “big bucks” studio tone.

What's New:

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO offers innovations and improvements that (not only) guitarists will appreciate. The ability to customize your sound has now taken on a truly professional dimension with the new Control Room feature, reworked matched cabinets, new effects and new amps. Improvements to the interface and architecture make GUITAR RIG 4 PRO the most versatile and powerful version yet

Control Room

This all-new module opens a vast new world of tone with an unparalleled degree of natural sound reproduction and tonal clarity. With just a few fader moves you can create the sound of professional studio recordings that will definitely cut through the mix.

New Amps

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO's new amps bridge the gap between vintage goodness and future classic. Cool Plex* and Hot Plex must be heard to be believed.

New Effects

New tools to transform your sound include Grain Delay, Octaverb, Iceverb and Twin Delay.

Master FX Section

This new feature allows you to keep any chain of effects while changing presets, to create variations of your basic sound that can be switched in real-time. For example- add overlapping delays or reverbs to your guitar when switching presets for a smooth transition, or add global effects orEQs for adapting all presets at once. Great for live use on stage and when switching to another guitar!

Over 250 new high-class presets

GUITAR RIG 4 PRO comes with over 250 studio-ready presets. Use them as instantly usable pro-quality tones or as a starting point for your own tweaks.

Further technical improvements to GUITAR RIG 4 PRO include:

  • Faster workflow with component presets
  • Better handling of external Controllers
  • Improved range and quality for time and pitch-based effects
  • True stereo processing


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This product was released on 17 Dec 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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