Groove Agent 2

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Groove Agent 2

Steinberg Groove Agent 2

This innovative virtual instrument puts a top studio drummer at your fingertips! Groove Agent 2 is the long-awaited update to the phenomenally successful Groove Agent virtual drummer. GA2 provides great-sounding, ready-to-go drum rhythms from the past 50 years with an extra focus to hypermodern styles.

Replete with dozens of fresh, up-to the-minute styles and a battery of quality new drum sounds, Groove Agent 2 offers a raft of the latest drum grooves and styles within the comfortable confines of modern DAW environments supporting the VST, DXi, Rewire or AU plug-in formats.

Groove Agent 2 comes with 50% more musical styles and drum kits. The 27 new styles offer an array of the latest grooves in diverse flavors currently in demand such as ultra-slick RnB, Bristol Trip Hop, Old Skool HipHop, Retro Rock, roof-raising Punk and grinding Grunge grooves. Providing the kerosene for the 27 explosive new styles are the 9 new drum kits. The all-new top-quality studio kit offers a highly polished, refined sound while being widely usable for many modern pop and rock productions. Other kit highlights include painstakingly recreated retro drum synths, ultra-hip noisy lofi drums, a diamond-hard metal kit as well as added percussive sounds.

Other feature refinements include added output busses, with up to 8 stereo outputs now available within the virtual mixer of the host application. It’s now also possible to bypass the internal Groove Agent 2 sample playback engine and to use Groove Agent as a MIDI player that triggers external samples.

The GUI has also been overhauled, with added scales and easier access to vital controls. The new solo button for every group makes it easier to quickly focus on one group of sounds while tweaking and mixing. Groove Agent 2 also offers a new “Save to MIDI file” feature, which stores Groove Agent's rhythm output to a MIDI file for detailed editing, regardless of the DAW application hosting Groove Agent 2.


* Over 80 musical Styles (each with their own Drum Style patterns), programmed by top musicians

* 25 complexity levels in each style, including fills and half tempo feel variations

* Combine any style with any drumkit – instantly

* Several unique drum kits plus percussion and a range of electronic drum sounds

* 24-bit drum sounds, most of them recorded via analog tape

* Separate dry and wet (ambience) samples and 8 stereo outputs and the facility to send room to one separate channel

* User-configurable drum kits, including tweaking of sounds

* Combine any musical style with any preset kit

* Fine-tune the overall feel with shuffle and Humanize controls

* Record Groove Agent beats to MIDI track with Cubase and Nuendo or export Groove combinations to a MIDI file for further editing

* Sample Engine Bypass – Groove agents is able to bypass its internal Sound Engine to save Performance

* New solo button for every group

* Connects to everything: VST, DXi, AU, Rewire and standalone versions


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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