EVE II Electronic Vintage Ensemble

EVE II Electronic Vintage Ensemble

Dash Signature EVE II Electronic Vintage Ensemble - The leading sample-based synthesizer for vintage sound.

Welcome to EVE, a Virtual Instrument for the Windows Platform available in VSTi format.
EVE is a new and exciting kind of sample playback engine that is so much more!

Featuring a new multi-timbral and multi-layer concept, it is designed to create amazingly complex ensembles taken from your favourite vintage keyboard sounds. Eve comes with a complete library of multi-sampled keyboards such as electric pianos, organs and rare string machines. It also includes many other vintage waveforms, such as a a Korg MS20 and Minimoog saw and square waves.

These waveforms, combined with the rich vintage sample library, are interwoven to create something we call Semi Additive Synthesis, or SAS for short. For example, you can layer a pure sine waveform with a Rhodes keyboard to enhance the fundamental harmonic, or you can stack the attack from a Wurlitzer, have a wash of Solina strings, and add an analogue square wave to give that finishing touch. So if you have ever dreamed of playing with the greats from the early years of rockand crave that wonderful vintage sounds of yesteryear, you will feel that excitement with this mini workstation we call EVE. br>
What's so amazing about EVE is not just what you see, but what you hear. EVE's real power lies in the ultra fast engine, which has been specially enhanced with pure SSE Assembly code. This power allows you to unleash all 3 channels with 9 LFOs, 3 envelopes and 3 filters running with all the polyphony you need! Add to this the powerful vintage effects and a mixer, and you'll be blasting off to vintage heaven! br>
If only it was this easy back in the day! We call this engine Qik Just a note to you non-SSE processor owners, there is hope for you too. EVE can run on non-SSE processors, but with reduced polyphony. In no way the quality of the sound has been compromised! So what are you waiting for? Fire up EVE and take in a blast from the past, with the added convenience of the future! We know you want too!br>

List of multisamples bundled with EVE

* CP 70B
* D6 Clavinet
* Rhodes 73 MK I
* Suitcase 88
* Mellotron Strings
* PE2000 Strings
* Solina
* Trident String Brass Combi
* Vintage Strings O3
* B3 Percussive Dry
* CX Drawbar Set (4 versions)
* Vox Continental C
* Several analog waveforms
* A complete Electro Drum Set

What's EVE 2?

EVE 2 adds several enhancements and new synthesis features to the simple yet powerful EVE design. All the original functionality and ease of use is still there, with the following changes and additions

• The original LP resonant filter per layer in EVE has been replaced by a multimode filter (LP, HP, BP, BR) with control over cut, resonance and envelope modulation, as well as a special ‘fractal’ modulation parameter. This expanded filter design provides further tools for balanced layering of sounds, and deep pads.

• FM/AM modulation capabilities per layer have been added via the ~FM switch matrix. FM and AM can be used to add interesting harmonic distortions to the original instruments, or to manipulate new sounds from the existing samples.

• The vintage multi-effect racks have been updated, with an expanded ECHO rack, and a new overdrive effect in the MODULATOR rack, as well as various enhancements to other effects.

• New routing options between the layers and the effects allow the MODULATOR rack to function in both ‘send’ and ‘insert’ modes.

• EVE 2 now supports the loading of WusikSND SoundSets, opening up a whole range of extra sample content that can be loaded into the EVE engine. Due to synth design differences, EVE 2 does not load Wusik presets (FXP, FXB, BNK or WusikPRST files). For EVE 2 to read WusikSND SoundSets, they must be installed into the ‘EVE Data’ directory in any subfolder.

• The EVE 2 default sound library features new SoundSets and presets in addition to those that shipped with EVE.


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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