Black II Black 2 CD 1

Black II Black 2 CD 1
Both these CDs are packed full of sounds specially recorded for these CDs that whilst being original have a very classic sound. Both CDs include sections devoted to:

Kickin' Jamz
Mid Jamz
Slo' Jamz
Garage/House Loops
Reggae Loops
M&C Loops
Percussion Loops
Stereo Vocal Blocks
Vocal Hooks
Additional Vocals
Bass Lines
Useful R&B Samples
Snares - M&C, Rare, Swing, 70s/Disco, 80s, R&B, Garage/House, Reggae, Ragga & Misc.
Bass Drums
Hats, Crashes, and Rides

Each CD also include the exclusive Black II Black Sample Schools.

These are selections of sounds that are used to produce a track in a particular genre. All the samples used to create the track are there, and you can substitute sounds from elsewhere on the CD for those used to give an equally authentic, but different sound. If the track sounds like the type of thing you are aiming for, then these samples will be a great shortcut. Volume 1 features Reggae, Ragga, and Swing Schools, Volume 2 features Jazz House, Euro House, Mad House, Slo' Jamz, Gangsta Rap, and Swing 2 Schools.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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