Best Service Chris Hein Winds Vol.4 - Bassoons [2 DVD]

Best Service Chris Hein Winds Vol.4 - Bassoons [2 DVD]

Best Service Chris Hein Winds Vol.4 - Bassoons [2 DVD]

Orchestral woodwinds for your computer in unheard perfection!


Chris Hein – Winds consists of four parts, this part Vol 4. Bassoons offers you 3 different bassoons.

Please see all the deatails in the following description of Chris Hein Winds Complete:

Chris Hein – Winds is an extensive woodwinds library meeting highest expectations in regard to sound quality, expression and applicability. The library´s instruments are based upon meticulously, extensively and detailed prepared multi samples with an offering of numerous articulations and up to eight dynamic layers. Producer Chris Hein has brought his thirty years of sampling experience into this masterpiece, giving the user maximum flexibility, highest level of customization and benefit in use.

Vol. 4 contains:

  • Basson
  • Bassoon Barock
  • Contra Bassoon

The library is arbitrarily configurable to embrace individual workflow techniques and demands of different producers. The available options and solutions take care of almost every practical application, leaving almost nothing left to be wished for – everything has been thought of! Naturally, the extensive amount of samples is handled by a powerful sample-engine, in this case Native Instruments´ Kontakt Player. Expect a custom tailored user-interface and extensive scripting to respect the specific requirements of the instruments presented.

Main Features

  • 13 Orchestral Woodwind Instruments
  • 50 GB Content
  • 130.000 Samples
  • 13 Articulations
  • Up tTo 8 Dynamic Layers
  • Unique Phase-Align Technique
  • 4 Dynamic Modes
  • Dynamic Expression Sustains
  • Note-Head Designer
  • Hot-Keys
  • Intelligent Legato
  • Glide-Mode to play realistic runs
  • 10 built in DSP-Effects
  • 2 independent Convolution Reverbs
  • 63 high class impulse responses
  • Attack- & Release controls
  • Special Noise Controls
  • Ensemble Maker
  • Micro-Tuner
  • Adjustable Fader Settings in the UI
  • Intelligent LFO-Vibrato including EQ
  • Customizable Auto-Vibrato
  • Key-Vibrato
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This product was released on 09 Mar 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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