8DM Electro House Vol.2 [DVD]

8DM Electro House Vol.2 [DVD]

8DM Electro House Vol.2 - Samples & Loops [DVD] [WAV]

Electro House Vol. 2 Samples & Loops overview

8DM Electro House Vol. 2 is going to be your weapon of choice for commanding the club. The library contains over 1.000 cutting-edge electro house samples designed into 17 hyper-flexible groove kits. In addition we created completely unique versions for both the Native Instruments Maschine and Kontakt platform. We also offer the library as a DJ friendly Wav-Pack – where everything is properly organized and labeled, so you can just drag into your DAW of choice and command the beat. In essence we got your ass covered no-matter what you software preference is. Whether you want to utilize our unique groove kit design for Maschine and Kontakt – or perhaps just important raw .wav files into your favorite DAW environment – its all there. This volume is purely dedicated to true Electro House and not pretending to cover a 100 other different styles. This shit’s the real deal.


8DM Electro House Vol. 2 Wav-Pack is designed for the DJ/producer that just wants the raw wave files for his own environment. We spend quite some time labeling everything correctly, so whether you need BPM information or instantly need to find a kick, snare, cymbal, bass synth or lead synth – its all there for immediate and intuitive access. We want you to be in control – and whether you use our Maschine, Kontakt or Wav-Pack – you have it all – right there.

Wavpack Overview

  • 18 Fully Customizable Groove Kits
  • EDM Chart Quality
  • 836 Electro House Samples (.wav)
  • Logical file organization
  • Oneshot samples & Loops
  • Master Examples


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This product was released on 09 Aug 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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