WusikStation 3

WusikStation 3
Wusik.com WusikStation VSTi v3.06

Hybrid Vector & Wavesequencer Sampler for VST Hosts

* HQ 32 Bits Sampler (allows Multi-Sampled files).
* NEW: Loads WAV files directly. (without conversions)
* Comes with WAV to WusikSND converter FREE. Allows you to create your own Multi-Sampled WusikSND files. Using several WAV files by Key Zone or Velocity Zone.
* User Skinable, comes with several skin options.
* Assembly code with SSE instructions. The fastest engine on the market. [ CPU Usage ]
* 2 x Oversampled resonant filters with Smooth option.
* Wavesequencers and LFOs synced to host tempo.
* Midi Learn option to almost every parameter, with Min/Max option.
* Stereo FX Sends with 2 extra outputs. So you don't loose the "PAN" information and can also turn-off the internal FXs and use your own ones on the extra output ports.
* Complete set of 512 presets and almost 400 meg of Sound-Sets. Covering Digital and Analog sounds and waveforms. More Sets can be purchased separately.

The package includes::

Wusik.com WusikStation VSTi v3.06

Wusik.com Famous Keys Vol.2 EVE Addon

Wusik.com Famous Keys Vol.3 EVE Addon

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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