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Symphobia [5 DVD]
Symphobia [5 DVD]

Metric Halo MH Production Bundle v2.0.2

Platform: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel
Format: AAX, VST
Required: DAW Software
Disks: 1 CD
Metric Halo MH Production Bundle v2.0.2

Production Bundle is a suite of signal processing plug-ins that let you stop recording and start making records. With all the critical tools you need to shape, tame, manipulate, and master your tracks, it is the essential audio engineering toolset that no one should be without.

The Production Bundle includes 8 fantastic sounding plugins that will help you bring your work to new levels:

MH ChannelStrip

Put a Million Dollar Console in your DAW

MH Character

A bucket full of old school goodness.....

MH HaloVerb

Create your perfect space

MH Dirty Delay

Visceral, Gritty, Musical Feedback Delay

MH Precision De-Esser

A Surgical Strike On Stubborn Sibilance

MH Multiband Dynamics

Sometimes the best EQ is a compressor

MH Multiband Expander

Expand your horizons

MH TransientControl

Sophisticated Transient Modifier & Waveshaper


For more information, please visit this products webpage.
You may buy Metric Halo MH Production Bundle v2.0.2 or download it on our site. This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 25 October, 2016.


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