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Symphobia [5 DVD]
Symphobia [5 DVD]

Humanoid Sound Systems Enzyme

Humanoid Sound Systems Enzyme

Humanoid Sound Systems Enzyme v1.0.53 [PC / MAC]


Enzyme comes with 265 factory presets included, all with performance parameters assigned, which provide you with millions of possible sound variations.

Enzyme AU and VST plugin incorporates a unique combination of wavetable and physical modeling synthesis to create spectacularly rich, dynamic musical timbres. Sample import is available so you can use existing sounds to make the synthesized output change over time, and the synth also supports Hybrid Scanned / FM synthesis which provides even more sonic possibilities.

Any parameter in the synth can be modulated using an unlimited number of modulators (LFO, AHDSR envelopes, note pitch, note velocity, audio pitch, audio amplitude). In addition, the parameters of these modulators (e.g. LFO rate) can be modulated themselves, and the amount by which a parameter in modulated, can also be modulated... and so on ad infinitum.

“Enzyme sports one of the most comprehensive modulation matrices I’ve ever encountered.” - Sam Inglis (Sound On Sound)

Enzyme's powerful randomization feature allows you to explore whole new worlds of sound. Whenever you need a new instrument or sound effect for your music, Enzyme's randomizer will be there to provide it.

Multiple Scanners

Enzyme AU & VST plugin supports multiple oscillators for thickening sounds. Ideal for creating rich pads and fat basses.

"The best of these [new features], for me, is its ability to employ multiple oscillators. These can be set to a slightly detuned unison mode, recalling old-school analogue polysynths, but they can also adopt a variety of configurations that are harmonically related to various system parameters. These are harder to explain than to try out, and really open up the palette of sounds that Enzyme is capable of generating. Best of all is that the number oscillators, mysteriously, is not a discrete integer but a continuous parameter which can be modulated in real time. I don't know how that works, either, but it sounds brilliant." - Sam Inglis (Sound On Sound)


Enzyme's beautiful interface was created by Spec Graphics. It incorporates an animated visual wavetable display that makes it easy to visualise the how the sound is changing over time.

The audio effects rack gives access to the limitless ways in which the synthesizer's output can be manipulated.

The modulation matrix makes it easy to configure and visualise the limitless parameter modulation possibilities.

The performance parameters can be assigned as modulators to any any other synth parameters. In this way the most important parameters can all be controlled from one page and can easily be controlled using a MIDI controller.


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