Total India [4 DVD]

Total India [4 DVD]

Future Loops Total India [4 DVD][MULTiFORMAT]

Type : Indian Percussion , Indian Vocals , Indiam Melody , Bansuri Flute , Carnatic Mandolin ,Classical Sarangi , Dilroba , Dotara , Esraj , Flute , Folk Sarangi , Harmonium , Nadaswaram , Santoor , Sarod , Shennai , Sitar , Slide Guitar , Veena , Chenday , Chota Dandia Dholak , Dandia Dholak , Dholak , Dukhitharan , Edakka , Ektara , Gada Singari , Gadam , Jaltarang , Kanjira , Karthal , Khol , Khomak , Konnakol , Mattalam , Moresing , Mrudangam , Naal , Nagara , Naqqara , North Indian Sapla , North Indian Tabla , Sapla , Steel Tapo , Temple Bell , Udukai , Urumi, Hindustani , Boul , Qawwali

Category : World , Indian , Vocals , Percussion , Real Drums


The Ultimate Essential Collection Of Indian Samples , there is simply nothing like it available anywhere else ! Unique Offer!

Future Loops has the honor to present " Total India “, a stunning sample library that showcases the beauty and richness of Indian music like never before.

This breathtaking collection is by far the most ambitious and extensive exploration of the mystical legacy that lies within India´s musical tradition .

More than a sample pack , " Total India " is a complete and mind-bending insight on Indian Music and its enchanting myriad of sounds.

Intimately connected with religion and popular culture, Indian music and its instruments have passed from generation to generation .

Persevering musicians devote their lives to the search of perfection in playing and further understanding of a music that is as Spiritual as it is Complex and as Magical as it is Puzzling .

This exotic and almost inebriating energy that exhales from Indian Music easily blends itself with other genres conferring an always alluring and colorful tone to a track . However it is extremely difficult for many music producers to access such sounds without spending a fortune and in some cases without having to travel to India..

Our mission was therefore to develop a collection of Indian Music that finally brings music producers thousands & thousands of samples at the best possible price !

With this in mind Future Loops travelled to this fascinating country and recorded " Total India ", a massive collection of 44 instruments ( plus Vocals ) , that reflects the intoxicating splendor of Indian Music.

Everything about "Total India" is overwhelming :

14 GB
Over 21.000 samples !
44 Instruments ( Melodic & Percussion )
1107 Vocal Loops ( male & female performers )
WAV/Acid Loops , Apple Loops & REX



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This product was released on 03 May 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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