The Grand [3 CD]

The Grand [3 CD]

3-CD-SetUnrivalled feel and sound The Grand reproduces the thrilling experience that is a large Grand Piano. No loops or audio compression compromise the sound and feel. No single bit of your musical expression gets ignored: dynamic response, damper and hammer action, sostenuto pedal functionality - it's all there. Of course it is: The Grand is an instrument, not a sample library. Perfect integration into your environment The Grand is as easy to use as a grand piano should be: Set it up, open the lid and start playing. However, The Grand allows you to tailor it perfectly to your needs: freely programmable velocity curves, four master timbres (Natural, Soft, Bright, Hard), well tempered or concert grand tuning, adjustable ambience. Survey of Key Features top-drawer grand concert piano superior sound quality no loops, no compromises unequalled dynamics authentic sostenuto pedal action with real re-pedaling resonance authentic-sounding damper and hammer action intelligent VSTi Engine freely editable velocity curves, easily and swiftly adaptable to every keyboard four master timbres: Natural, Soft, Bright, Hard Integrated, variable room simulation (Ambience) Tempered and grand concert piano tuning Authentic sustain pedal resonances In many regards The Grand is much closer to an original concert grand piano than digital pianos or sample CDs can ever be. One example are string resonances: When you press the sustain pedal, you hear string resonances like in a real concert grand. Their reverbish sound is generated by harmonically similar strings which are triggered by the actually sounding keys. Apart from this, The Grand features re-pedaling, requested by demanding pianists: Even when you press the sustain pedal after hitting the keys, the resonances fade in smoothly.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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