Technomania [3 CD]

Technomania [3 CD]
Electronisounds Technomania [3 CDs Set]

"NO HOLDZ BARRED: TECHNOMANIA!" contains a huge array of electronica loops and sounds! With over 1,900 samples/loops and more than 600MB of sample data, TECHNOMANIA is jam-packed with more textures, loops, noises & sequences than you can imagine! Exploring the folders on this CD-ROM will introduce you to new ideas in electronica music making. This CD-ROM features the debut of our "upbeat" and "downbeat" drum loop slices - a new idea in loop creation allowing virtually unlimted combinations.

This disc is also incredibly user friendly as every sample and loop is labeled by BPM and key, so there is NO guesswork when using these samples with your existing gear or other samples.

TECHNOMANIA contains such a vast array of original samples, you'll be making tracks in any sub-genre of electronica in no time! Rappers & producers looking for PHAT underground beats will find plenty on this disc as well!


Drum loops & sounds - including:
Heaps of ORIGINAL drum loops (in 17 different BPM's!) all carefully trimmed and ready to go! You'll also get our mix drivin' downbeats and upbeats, allowing you virtually endless possiblities when creating your drum tracks! You'll find 175+ individual drum & percussion samples to help 'round out your mixes, too - including plenty of phat kicks and tight snares!

A HUGE folder of LO-FI drum loops & drum samples! In the loops section, you'll find 350 ORIGINAL LO-FI drum loops spread out in 49 (YES, FORTY-NINE!!) different BPM folders with a low of 79 BPM, and a high of 192 BPM! You'll get "REAL LIVE DRUMMER" loops, mellow & smooth trip-hop & hip-hop beats, nasty & chemical beats, & MUCH more!! And don't worry, we've given you 300+ LO-FI snares, kicks, and high hat samples to round out your rhythm tracks! We've even thrown in some FX-snares and FX-kicks to give your tracks that extra unique edge. Did we also mention you get 20+ LO-FI drum rolls?

Bass & synth loops/sounds - featuring:
Over 75 one-shots & 30+ instrument multi-samples, 70+ guitar samples

80+ spoken and sung vocal samples, FX, and LOTS MORE!

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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