Tech-House Beats vol.1-2

Tech-House Beats vol.1-2

Tech-House Beats vol.1-2 [WAV]

A new concept in sample collections begins with this inspiring compilation of deep minimal and pared-down tech-house loops.

This first release on the new RIEMANN label comprises 399 samples (232.2MB) of bang up-to-the-moment sounds and loops, including "bottom heavy beats", "percussion loops", "kick loops", "hihat loops" and unique "background noise loops".

To complement the sounds - which are all tempo-labeled - you get a choice cut of drum hits, and an additional collection of kicks, hats and claps, subdivided into 'transients', 'character' and 'low end' folders for ultimate beat-making control.

A folder of 18 throbbing basslines adds a melodic flavour to the collection.

As if this wasn't enough, each RIEMANN release showcases new royalty-free loops from an established producer who has already made his mark on the scene . For this debut release it's Berlin's Florian Meindl, who serves up 70 (50+MB) state-of-the art loops and hits.

Florian's sounds include beats, 'noises' (fx). and seven hyper-flexible multi-track kits offering full drumloops broken down into constituent parts. Mix and match for 100s of new beats.

If you're after beats, drum sounds or percussive fx loops for minimal and tech house check the demos. Highly recommended.



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This product was released on 01 Dec 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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