SYNTH N2 Collection

SYNTH N2 Collection

Access Virus - Soundset Incubation V3
AlgoMusic M42 Nebula VSTi v1.0
Clavia NordLead - Soundset Nordish by Nature
Dash Synthesis Reaktor ADDON 1
Dash Synthesis Reaktor ADDON 2
Dash Synthesis VIRUS for Reactor
DiscoDSP Discovery - Soundset
DiscoDSP Discovery VSTi v2.0
DiscoDSP Discovery VSTi v2.2 Nord Rack 2 Edition
DiscoDSP Phantom VSTi v1.0
DiscoDSP Vertigo v2.0
Emagic ES2 Soundbank - Synthology ES2 Essentials
Emagic EVP73 VSTi 1.0
FabFilter One VSTi v2.01
FabFilter Twin VSTi v1.0
Korg Legacy Collection v1.1.3
Korg Legacy Sounds v.1 EasySound Soundsets BestSpec
Korg Legacy Sounds v.3 Metra Sound Soundsets Bestspec
Korg Legacy Sounds v.4 Valhala Soundsets BestSpec
Korg Legacy Sounds v.5 Voce Soundsets BestSpec
Korg Legacy Sounds v.6 VW Mix Soundsets BestSpec
Korg Legacy Sounds v.7 XX Soundsets BestSpec
Native Instruments Absynth - MAC Banks Converted For PC
Native Instruments Absynth - Soundbank - Titans of Industry
Native Instruments FM7 Sounds v.1 19424 DX-7 SOUNDS
Native Instruments FM7 Sounds v.2 Hollywood Collection
Native Instruments FM7 Sounds v.3 ProSounds.NI.FM7.Presets.Bundle
Native Instruments FM7 Sounds v.4 Rob Papen FM7 Soundset vol1
Native Instruments FM7 Sounds v.5 Various Other Sources
Native Instruments FM7 Sounds v.6 Trance SoundSet
Native Instruments Pro53 - Addon Presets
Native Instruments Pro53 - Alexander Kowalski Banks
Native Instruments Pro53 - Electrix-Soundset.for.Pro-53.Pro-Five BestSpec
Native Instruments Pro53 - JP8000 Patches
Native Instruments Pro53 - MigMusic Sound Collection v1
Native Instruments Pro53 - Soundbank - DJ Rob & Wandii Trance 2004
Native Instruments Pro53 - Soundbank - Prophecy Soundset
Native Instruments Pro53 - Synthation Pro-53 Essentials
Native Instruments Pro53 - Soundset Prophecy
Native Instruments Reaktor Ensembles
Native Instruments REAKTOR v4 TOP30 Banks
Novation V-Station Sounds v.1 Club 4k part I Presets
Novation V-Station Sounds v.3 K-Station Factory Presets
Novation V-Station Sounds v.4 EMX & Quantum State Presets
Novation V-Station Sounds v.5 TSE V-Station Soundset
Novation V-Station Sounds v.6 Synthology V-Station-Essentials
Novation V-Station Sounds v.7 VengeanceSound Club4k Part1
Novation V-Station VSTi v1.20
Other VST Synth
ReFX Vanguard - Bigtone Soundbank v1.0
ReFX Vanguard - Soundset
ReFX Vanguard - VirusDreamBank
ReFX Vanguard VSTi v1.04
Rgc Audio z3ta+ Sounds v.2 Trance Bank
Rgc Audio z3ta+ Sounds v.3 EddoGQ MoreQuality
Rgc Audio z3ta+ Sounds v.4 Various - Collaboration
Rgc Audio z3ta+ Sounds v.5 ProSounds z3ta Plus Max Collection
Roland JP8000_8080 - Techno Trance Soundset
Roland JP8000_8080 - Trance Soundset
Roland Virtual Sound Canvas MP1
STS-21 Space Transition Synthesizer
Synful Orchestra VSTi DXi v2.2.2
Synthepolis nrg A COMPLETE Trance SoundSet
VirSyn CUBE v 1.5.1
Waldorf A1 - Soundset

Total 580 Mb

You may buy SYNTH N2 Collection or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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