Symphony of Voices Vol.3 - Boys Choir & Gregorian Men

Symphony of Voices Vol.3 - Boys Choir & Gregorian Men
From Acclaimed Developer Spectrasonics Comes an Epic Production The Largest & Most Extensive Collection of Voices Ever Assembled on CD-ROM

Produced by Eric Persing, Symphony of Voices is a massive FOUR CD-ROM SET, which includes a breathtaking variety of multisamples, phrases & fx from some of the world's most prestigious singers. This outstanding library is an invaluable tool for the serious composer and producer, designed to be inspiring for years to come.

Disc 3 focuses on an authentic English Boys Choir and a Gregorian Mens Choir. Many of the sounds on this disc have never before been available to the electronic musician. The Boys Choir features multisampled phrases (Kyrie, Allelujah, Amen, Agnus Dei, etc.) in addition to the soft and loud multisampled static vowels (oos, ahs, ees, mms) and moving vowels (oh-eh-ah and ah-eh-ee-oo). Also includes Solo Boy phrases and multisamples. The Gregorian Mens Choir is provided with multisampled soft and loud ohs, mms, fifth drones, intervals (half and whole step up/down), multisampled Latin words and ancient Gregorian Chants!
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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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