Storm 3

Storm 3

Storm Music Studio is music creation software, which accurately emulates the universe of a real recording studio: synthesizers, drum machines, sample players, effects, mixing table, sequencer,...

With the same sound quality, but for less money!

Create your studio

With Storm, you can choose the virtual INSTRUMENTS you wish to use: analog synthesizers, drum machines, sample sequencers, scratch decks,... Drag & drop and in a few seconds your studio is ready: no more complicated connections and wires everywhere...

Compose in real time

Real time synthesis and EFFECTS, a user-friendly interface and a fully automated studio provide you with an unprecedented comfort and facility of composition.

Share your experience with other users

As an integral part of the studio, the HALL is a set of interactive tools, giving the user the ability to collaborate on-line with others. The Hall offers file sharing and downloading, chat rooms, newswires, tips and tutorials.

Learn new styles of music

The COMPOSITION WIZARD is made to help users to quickly understand the general use of the program and the different sides of creating a song. And, if you think you already have enough experience in making computer music, it can help you to learn how to compose in music styles you are not familiar with.

Storm new features

Storm 3 comes with a new ERGONOMY that allows you to handle your entire project in one main view. A PIANO ROLL is now available. You can edit patern, control curves, MIDI sequences. Control every single aspect of your song!
Storm is now including full MIDI management. . You can import, edit MIDI files and configure your software to be synchronized as master or slave with external hardware gears. The new Audio/MIDI SEQUENCER allows full control over every detail of your audio, MIDI or pattern based recordings. A new MIDI synthesizer is also available: the "GM synth".

What are the changes in Storm 3.0?!
New ergonomics, an elegant piano roll, full MIDI management, new audio sequencer, an improved mixing table, a new synthesizer...

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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