SoundScan vol.59 - Spanish & Gypsy Traditions

SoundScan vol.59 - Spanish & Gypsy Traditions
Created by natural-born musician, this Soundscan was recorded with excellent Gipsy performers, and delivers effortlessly the trademark sound and rhythms of the genre. Guitars, vocals, palmas and many other specific loops almost impossible to record in the USA or Japan, for lack of trained players. As usual with Soundscan, the looping is impeccable and the tempo are accurately indicated. Whether used for flamenco tracks or just to add a mysterious touch to a music to picture job, Spanish and Gipsy traditions delivers.

• Total : 626 samples ( 355 loops & solos / 271 single shots )
• 61 audio tracks
• Wav-Acid/Aiff/EXS24/Halion/Reason2/Akai Z4-Z8/Mach5/REX2 : 651.9 MB
• Akai partition : 28 volumes
• Tempo : 70 - 133 BPM

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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