Sonokinetic Masaai [DVD]

Sonokinetic Masaai [DVD]

Sonokinetic Masaai [DVD / Kontakt]

Traditional Tribal Music.


  • Vocals: (Boys & Girls Choir Umoja, Village Boys Choir, Female Village Choir, Choir Kombe, Maasai Hunting Chant, Maasai Male Singing, Village Male Choir, Singing Shaman, Girls Choir, Zulu Chant)
  • Tribe Ensembles: Kenyan Village Music, Basoa, Hamuna, Lamawase, Momabassa Females, Momabassa Solo, Momabassa wind Instruments, Momabassa Sung, Slum Kids Choir, Tribal
  • Singing, Weyambolo, Yesawe, Zambewe, Behi Vox and Drums
  • Drums & Percussion: Drum Loops, Shabone No Vox, Swining Conga, Drum Enigma , Drumloop solo, Mombassa, Village Percussion,
  • Instruments: Horn & Percussion combination, Abu Flute, Kambanane, Kambanane Large, Turkana Horn, Turkana Horn and Drums
  • Compositions: BalaBala, Mosamba, Okoppi, Samawa (by Russ Landau)


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