Sonokinetic H.I.P.P. [2 DVD]

Sonokinetic H.I.P.P. [2 DVD]

Sonokinetic H.I.P.P. [2 DVD][Kontakt]

A Large Collection of Orchestral Toms and Drums Sample Library, both Phrase-based and Multi-sampled.


  • 44.1 kHZ - 16 BIT NCW FORMAT
  • 13000+ SAMPLES
  • 6 GB uncompressed royalty and copyright free content license



Instrument Patches

  • Native Instruments Kontakt
  • 2 instrument Patches:
  • HIPP 1.2.nki
  • HIPP 1.2 - PRF.nki

Sampled Instruments

  • 12 orchestral and drum toms. Ranging from 8” to 18” size toms


About Sonokinetic H.I.P.P.

“Because Size Does Matter ”.

Performance percussion has been around since the dawn of sampling and is one of the most widely used loop-based materials for composers. In August 2010 we got in touch with renowned composer Michael Wandmacher* who had a request for sampled drums that one would think would be available but, upon research showed to be lacking in this particular form. We decided to team up for preproduction and get a content description together for sampled percussion. Basic and single instrument drum patterns are really essential for any scene you’re scoring.

A live performance always beats a computer generated percussion track. This is why we hired one of the best percussion players available and locked him in the studio for about two weeks. Grinding this production to a staggering 13.000 performance loops and a sample pool of about 5,7 GB took us 6 months to complete. A real challenge that needed all our resources and dedication. We’re proud to announce this collection as a new standard for percussion libraries.

H.I.P.P. consists of 12 orchestral and drum toms. Ranging from 8” to 18” size toms.

The collection holds about 13.000 looped performances, comprising basic rhythms and real complex performances, all available in all tempi (ranging from 60BPM to 240BPM), 4/4 – 3/4 – 6/8 – 5/4 & 7/8 time signature. Note values are arranged in grouped performances in 4th, 8th, 8th triples, 16th, 16th triples, and some have 32th types. All very specific, but we like to take it to the max this time. We have two types of patches: BRG, PRF.

BRG means: Basic Rhythm Groupings. No fuzz and bling, just bread and butter basic performed patterns. A lot of the performance percussion tools out there are just too complex and we believe there’s a need to create a pool of stuff that seems a bit ‘dull and simple’ at first glance but is really neat for us composers to have access too. A live performance always beats a computer generated percussion piece. We hope to get this right with HIPP.

PRF means: Performances. One player, one or more toms combined for all available toms, tempi, time and value. With the multi sampled patch we provide a playable round robin multiple velocity layered set for each tom. So composing from scratch would be an option too.

H.I.P.P is recorded in close and overhead. You’ll have access to those different mic positions through the MIC/IR tab.
This instrument is mainly designed for the Native Instruments Kontakt Engine and holds another unique and very efficient interface. Designed to give maximum intuitivity to user and composition this interfaced instrument introduces the first of its kind in instrument layering (Stacking).

Each layer has 12 loops / samples available. C to B (white keys) are performances of 2, 4 or 6 bars. On the black keys you’ll find fills. Mapped in increasing complexity/variety. On each Bb/A# is a round robin hit mapped (to end your track with a whack). This mapping is consistent throughout the complete collection.

The Quantize function lets you control the loops. When to hit in (on beat, bar, etc) and you can set the release (smart release). And it has an auto play; just set your phrase patterns and trigger it and it plays your track. You could for instance set it to 12 beats, and it’ll play 3 bars and if play release is activated it ends on the first count of the fourth bar.

There’s more bling under the hood, like a delay designer and an IR room (3D).

We’re proud to release “H.I.P.P” and give you access to an oasis of the most essential percussion loops for your composition.


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This product was released on 03 Aug 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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