Sonik Synth 2 [2 DVD]

Sonik Synth 2 [2 DVD]

2 DVDs.

What is Sonik Synth 2?
view a screenshot of Sonik Synth 2Sonik Synth™ 2 is the ultimate all-around SYNTH WORKSTATION for composing and performing music in a wide variety of styles from R&B to Techno/Electronic to Classic Rock and more.

It is an instrument plug-in that works in all major platforms (Cubase, Logic, ProTools, Digital Performer, Sonar and others) on MacOS® X and Windows®.

Included with the plug-in is an 8 gigabyte sound library covering all kind of workstation sounds you'd expect from a hardware keyboard or sound module plus Sonik Synth 2 will also offer one of the most extensive collections of synth sounds ever assembled!

Not only will it have rich ethereal and atmospheric moving textures but also fat analog flavors of nearly every classic synthesizer brand ever made! Imagine having the characteristic waves from vintage Arps, Moogs, Obies, Prophets, Jupiters, mega modular synths and more called up by a built-in search engine with pictures of the instruments for reference!

From the sound of the very first electronic tones to the latest complex evolving pads, leads, basses, electronic drums and percussion, Sonik Synth™ 2 provides unprecedented sonic variety in one package!

The ultimate power sound setup
Sonik Synth™ 2 is based on the award winning SampleTank® engine and the two products together constitute the core of the most comprehensive sound module system ever made for complete compositional power.

Sonik Synth™ sound design takes supreme advantage of the SampleTank® format with it's top of the line analog modeled DSP effects and exclusive STRETCH™ technology for synth sounds like you've never heard before!

Together, Sonik Synth™ and SampleTank® make a killer sound arsenal in your studio: both can be used as their own plug-in within a sequencer environment for fast sound access or Sonik Synth™ 2 sounds can be read by SampleTank® to effiently run the maximum possible sounds from one elegant interface.

Sonik Synth™ 2's plethora of unique electronic instruments, workstation synths and classic synthesizers is also a perfect companion to the overall variety of natural sounds that come with SampleTank® 2 L or XL.

The sounds in the Sonik Synth 2 make up a full workstation of synth sounds covering the range of today's popular keyboards and sound modules with pianos, bass, drums, guitars, voices and more to a history of analog and digital synth textures like no other plug-in has offered before!

From moving orchestral vocal combi patches like this to motion synths like this to rich analog pads like this or awesome film and electronic fx to thick leads for all styles of music from Dance to R&B to Classic Rock and more... Sonik Synth 2 has it all!

Sonik Synth 2 Sounds
Sonik Synth 2 includes over 8 gigabytes of material on 2 DVDs:

Motion Synths & Pads Rich, ethereal, moody and atmospheric synths, phat analog flavors, evolving picturesque soundscapes and evocative dreamy synth textures like no other synth has offered before.

Synth Bass & Leads From the classic sounds of vintage monophonic synths such as Arps™ and Moogs™ to wild trance leads, progressive portamento leads, deep basses that boom and much more!

Acoustic & Electric Pianos Some of the best quality acoustic and electric pianos, harpsichord and clavs ever assembled in one product. Featuring a stunning 152 meg Grand Piano, tack pianos and a variety of Rhodes™, Wurlies, RMI™, Pianet™ , Electric Grand and more.

Vintage Instruments The most comprehensive offering of vintage synth flavors ever! Including rare keyboards like Voyetra 8™, Serge Modular™, Steiner-Parker™, Gleeman™, Prophet 5™, Jupiters™, Ob SEM™, Arp™ 2500 & 2600, Modular Moog™ plus vintage guitars, bass and drums.

Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Bass Your Sonik Synth 2 workstation would not be complete without a great collection of steel and nylon string acoustics, electric guitars with built-in amp simulation, bass guitars all with a variety of different makes and playing styles ready to go right out of the box.

Acoustic Drums & Percussion From GM and I-Map™ acoustic drum kits with incredible playing realism to dynamic percussion maps featuring Latin percussion, mallets and orchestral percussion, African, Indian and more.

Electronic Drums & Percussion An unprecedented array of electronic and fx kits and percussion featuring signature beatboxes like 808™, 909™, CR78™, Simmons SDSV™ as well as wacked out vocoded percussion, synthetic drums, distorted harmonic resynthesized percussive madness and beyond!

Ethnic Instruments A variety of instruments from around the world are also included such as hammered dulcimers, exotic wind instruments like shakuhachi, duduk, recorders as well as Greek bazouki, mandolin and many others.

Brass & Winds From pop horn sections to rich orchestral brass and winds, Sonik Synth 2 offers a great selection of ensemble and solo brass and wind instruments.

Strings & Orchestral Textures Rich orchestral soundscapes and dynamic layers, silky ensemble strings and expressive solo violins, violas, celli and contrabass.

Vocal Textures An impressive range of vocal pads and choirs featuring some of the worlds top singers. Breathy to hard oohs, aahs, hmms from pop to monk choirs to solo female operatic and more.

Special FX Ranging from vintage synths to the far edge of avant garde film soundtracks the special effects in Sonik Synth 2 are out of this world.

Elements A massive selection of partial sounds meant to be used as elements in more complex combination patches. Featuring raw synth waves of nearly every vintage synth, noise formats, wine glasses, distorted elements, vocal elements such as consonant attacks, groove elements and much more.

Combi Patches Like hardware keyboard workstations Sonik Synth 2 uses all of the single patches and elements combined together into MEGA patches called "Combis". Multiple layers of interactive sounds from huge piano and orchestra stacks to complex evolving motion pads to live performance patches and more.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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