Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar

Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar

Sonik Reality Sonik Capsule: Bass Guitar

Clean, Deep Punchy Basses for Every Soft-Sampler

The Ultimate Affordable Multi-Format Bass Collection

The Bass Guitar Capsule offers clean, deep, punchy and expressive basses with a variety of articulations which include fingered, picked, pulls, slaps, taps, slides and more. For every style of music from R&B to Rock to Hip Hop, Country, Pop, Jazz and more, these high-quality basses offer a great degree of expression and flexibility.

A wide assortment of different acoustic basses and electric bass guitars are included in this package. This sound collection has some of the most desirable bass instruments you can find from great Fender®Precision and Jazz basses to classic Hofner®"Beatle"Bass, Ricky 4001, Lakeland 5-string fretless, Chapman Stick® and many others.

Thanks to the included UFO software, each Sonik Capsule title is able to work as a native sample library in the most popular software samplers including:

- IK SampleTank
- Steinberg HALion,
- EMagic exS24,
- Native Instruments Kontakt
- Native Instruments Battery
- Propellerheads Reason NNXT


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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