SampleTank Library - Acoustic Drums

SampleTank Library - Acoustic Drums
Sonic Reality Expansion Tank: Acoustic Drums

I-Map and GM-map acoustic drum kits

Acoustic Drums for Sampletank is a collection of 17 unique I-Map acoustic drum kits recorded in some of LA's best studios. Featuring multisampled hits from Ludwig™, Gretch™, Yamaha™, DW™ and Pearl™ Kits, this collection will add the depth and realism of live studio drums to your sequences.

The rundown...

Each of the kits in Acoustic Drums for Sampletank features a complete standard drum kit, including bass drums, snare drums, hit-hats, rides, crashes and toms. There are several variations for each drum. For example, for each snare drum there is a center hit, rimshot or flamshot, sidestick, ghost notes and drum roll. Hi-hats offer closed, open, closed bell and foot shut variations, rides have center, and bell variations and crashes have small and large cymbal crashes including china.

What is I-Map?

I-Map is a Sonic Reality mapping scheme that facilitates amazing live playing of multiple drums or whole kits from a keyboard with just your 2 hands. We think one of the best ways to eliminate the mechanical feel of programmed drum loops is to design the layout of the drums in such a way that you can play the whole take in one take. For those of you who haven't tried the I-Map scheme yet, beware, it's totally addictive!

Includes new programmed sounds designed to take advantage of SampleTank® 2 exclusive new engine features like STRETCH™, PSTS and modeling effects.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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