Roundel Sounds Dance Vocals Vol.2 [DVD]

Roundel Sounds Dance Vocals Vol.2 [DVD]

Roundel Sounds Dance Vocals Vol.2 [DVD] [WAV / MIDI / AIFF]

'Roundel Sounds Dance Vocals Vol 2' features five complete vocal tracks inspired by the biggest EDM chart-toppers. Vocals are available in both dry and wet formats to offer you total flexibility and are locked at 128 BPM.

All vocals are 100% royalty-free.

Product Details:

  • Royalty-Free
  • 128 BPM
  • 5 Complete EDM tracks 
  • 129 WAV files
  • 129 AIFF files
  • 45 MIDI files

Product Includes:

  • 5 Bass Stems
  • 5 Sub Bass Stems
  • 5 Different Lead Vocal lines (some in more than one takes and octaves) 
  • Harmonies
  • Back Vocals
  • Guitar Stmes
  • Kicks
  • Snares
  • Drum Stems
  • Synth Stems
  • Pad Stems
  • Plug Stems
  • Piano Stems
  • FX
  • Lead Stems

Software Used:

  • Spire, Massive, Nexus, Nicky Romero KICK & Groove Agent One
  • Cubase Stereo and mono delays, Cubase Compressor, Cubase Limiter & Reverb
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This product was released on 27 Jul 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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