Reggaeton Hot Latin Hip Hop

Reggaeton Hot Latin Hip Hop
Big Fish Audio Reggaeton Hot Latin Hip Hop [Multiformat DVD]
Over the past several years, reggaeton has emerged from the underground dance scene to storm onto the urban music landscape. Deeply rooted in reggae, dance hall, hip-hop, bomba and merengue, the reggaeton revolution has only just begun. "Reggaeton: Hot Latin Hip Hop" construction kits give you the power to create music with this scorching new Latin sound. Producer Josquin des Pres, along with his Track Star Studios team, once again calls on his vast experience in producing current Hip Hop and Latin music to deliver this authentic collection. So if you're ready to mix up your own brand of hot Latin flavor, turn up the heat with Reggaeton! 
"The sounds of Reggaeton: Hot Latin Hip Hop have already been used by producer Josquin des Pres for the remix of the new Gipsy Kings single "Mira La Chica". - Music Connection Magazine

"Reggaeton will give you the required rhythms, bass lines and quirky sounds to form a good foundation on which to build a Reggaeton track, plus some ideas on where to go from there." - Sound On Sound Magazine

3.2 GB of content (1.65GB in WAV content)

Construction Kits - 40 construction kits with BPM from 84 to 106 in various keys
Each kit contains a main mix,each looping element broken out individually and a folder of drum
hits and one-shots.Each kit also contains a folder of hits and a folder called 'drum tracks'.'Drum tracks'
give you access to the individual elements of the drum loop.You can now mix it however
you'd like,or use an individual element separate from the drum mix.

Instruments include:

and more!

Hip Hop
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