ProSamples Vol.40 Breakbeat 2

ProSamples Vol.40 Breakbeat 2
"...the ones that seem to be most usable are the single sound effects. These individual sounds can easily be created into some very interesting electronic drum and percussion kits that would be very at home on either a Squarepusher track or a white-knuckle techno track."

"...there is no shortage of usable material on this CD."

"On the whole this collection grew on me the more I listened and used the samples...I recommend delving in deep as there are some real gems to be found."- Future Music Magazine, November 2002

More down right dirty 'rawfunkindirtyassboogiebeats' in Zero-G's continuing journey to bring you the toughest raw breaks on the planet. The sequel to Planet of the Breaks, which swept the board with top awards from every major music magazine. Once again you will find the baddest loops imaginable, cut and diced, ready for use in every leading music sequencer package.

REVIEW: "Cool, twisted and sickeningly infectious funk drumming. Stylistically, this covers a pretty impressive range of musical territories. The emphasis is always groove and feel, on creating something with feeling and character. The performances are spot-on, and it's refreshing to hear a drummer exploring the more experimental side of his craft - Shawn Lee employs strange electronic effects, vinyl scratches, vocal bits and bizarre signal-processing techniques as easily as other drummers would give you a tom roll. In short, this is a 21st-century sample CD that probably says more about the future of creative drumming than most other releases put together. 5 stars" (Sound On Sound, UK). The funk master has returned!
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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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