Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVD]

Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVD]

Prominy LPC Electric Clean Guitar for Kontakt 2 [2 DVDs Set]

Sensitive and powerful, the true sound of Gibson® Les PaulTM Custom includes over 60 Giga-bytes, approx. 150,000 samples.

Gibson's Les Paul Custom is the most supported and loved electric guitar in the world. Its loved by so many professional guitarists spanning generations and genres. Over three months, we recorded the sounds of this excellent electric guitar played by a top guitarist using the latest Digidesign ProTools® HD system.

Extreme power of expression that no one has reached before.

- A huge number of recorded playing styles that no one has captured before.
- Over 60 Giga-bytes, 150,000 samples recorded from a single instrument.
- You are able to create the most natural sounding guitar tracks that sound like they've been recorded by a live guitarist in a world class studio.

The world's most powerful and largest library of a single instrument includes:

-Perfect sampled sounds of all fret positions on every string*1.
Single note, 5th chord, 4th chord, octave, vibrato, single bend, unison bend, stationay bend, double bend, legato slide, pinch harmonic, various chords, picking noises, etc.

You are able to get perfectly real expressions of the human finger's legato slide up to the highest fret. This sound library enables you to compose and create natural guitar tracks that imitate real guitar playing.

Legato Slide

- A huge number of sampled legato slide techniques. From Seminole (1 fret) to 1 octave (12 frets), multiple tempos and velocity options for every single note, 5th-dyad chord, 4th-dyad chord*2, and octave playing styles.

- 'Real time Legato Slide instruments'
Using Giga Studio 3.0's new feature, 'Legato Mode', you can enjoy real-time legato slide.

*1: except some playing techniques.

*2: legato samples for 4th chord: 1 fret slide, 2 fret slide, and 3 fret slide are only available.

Various chords are played in multiple forms, different playing styles and varying degrees of dynamics.

The LPC includes over 300 chords played by up, down, fast, and slow strokes.
The total number of chord samples is over 8,000.

- major, minor, 7th, minor 7th, major 7th , add 9th, 7th-9th, major 7th-9th, sus 4th, dim 7th, #9th, minor 9th, major 3rd(vibrato), major (picking harmonics), open chords, etc.

Clean and Distorted, both timbres of the electric guitar are included.

- The "Clean Guitar" samples are recorded in a natural room environment creating a very real quality of sound.
- The "Distortion Guitar" samples are recorded through a Marshall® Amplifier creating a very powerful sound tool for different musical genres.

Based on our research of testing the quality of sounds through various amp simulators, we compared the difference in quality of a signal recorded from a speaker versus a signal recorded directly from an instrument cable line. We found that the signal recorded through a microphone from a speaker in a studio produces a much more natural sound. So we recorded the clean guitar sound through an AKG C414 B-ULS from a Marshall Power Amp Model 9005 and the guitar distortion through a combination of an E.lectroVoice RE20 and a Shure SM57 from a Marshall 1959SLP. You can also adjust our clean guitar sound so it suits the music genre you're working with by adding your favorite amplifier simulator.

Picking noises are recorded in multiple forms on all frets and strings. Picking noises made while playing a guitar is one of the most important characteristics that identify a live guitar recording. That is why we took great care in capturing many variations of picking noises. Adding these noises, with consideration to timing and picking style, will make your guitar tracks sound natural. When you use picking noise sampled from a different position of the fret board than the one you're applying it to, the result is an unnatural sound because the noise will not harmonize with the original note's sustain sound.

With our Les Paul Guitar sound library, you get an expansive number of picking noises to work with covering all frets, strings, and playing styles. We promise that you will have all of the samples needed to make truly natural sounding guitar tracks at your fingertips.

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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