Platinum 24 Acoustic Drums CD 1

Platinum 24 Acoustic Drums CD 1
The perfect drum library for professional demands in the studio, at home or on stage. Mix 'n' match instruments at will. "Platinum24 Acoustic Drums" features complete drum sets and loads of variations (e.g., rolls, flams, brushes) for maximum authenticity and universal usability. 24-bit recording (multi-track micing), 32-bit high-end processing, 16-bit stereo mastering, up to 32 MB per kit. Perfectly tuned drum sets, instruments can be swapped individually. Chromatic kits with up to 20 dynamic levels per instrument. Exclusively the best that top-flight professional drummers, engineers and sound engineers have to offer. With this drum library, you can give your music exactly what it needs. "...for anyone who is looking for a library of high quality acoustic drums sounds this CD is recommended without hesitation. I'd like to see anyone do a better job than this." -

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This product was released on 17 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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