Peter Ewer's Symphonic Organ [3 DVD]

Peter Ewer's Symphonic Organ [3 DVD]
NemeSys Introduces Peter Ewers’ Symphonic Organ Soundware

NemeSys Music Technology, Inc. announced the release of the Peter Ewers’ Symphonic Organ Soundware for GigaSampler® today. Digitally recorded in 20-bit resolution, this library captures the powerful sound of The Grand Cavaillé-Coll Pipe Organ at La Madeleine, Paris.

Priced at $359 (US dollars), this library marks the first time a world-class pipe organ has been captured with full performance articulation, as well as its natural acoustic environment – all playable in real-time with GigaSampler’s state-of-the-art Behavioral Sampling technologies.

“The recording and editing on this project took thousands of man-hours to complete. I’m delighted to finally present this instrument to the GigaSampler community,” enthused Ewers.

“Without GigaSampler’s enormous sampling capacity and Dimensions performance technology it would have been impossible to capture the essence of this incredible organ,” Ewers continued. “It is truly a crowning achievement.”

Earlier attempts to digitally sample the original sound of a pipe or a pipe-family (a “stop”) employed small samples which were artificially looped, often without their original attack phases, and the characteristic sound of the pipes was lost. The solution was to employ the patented EndlessWave™ technology (exclusively licensed to NemeSys by Conexant Systems, Inc.). Via EndlessWave, digital samples can be streamed from a mass storage device such as a hard disk without the usual latency access time restrictions of mass storage media.

Additionally - due to the nature of previous digital sampling processes - the acoustic resonances of a given space, like the St. Madeleine, are lost, requiring the addition of reverb simulations. Using the key release-triggered sampling capability of the NemeSys GigaSampler, recorded samples of the church acoustics can be heard upon releasing the key – with the added benefit of continuous, real-time control over the volume of the natural acoustic space.

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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