Percussive Adventures 2

Percussive Adventures 2

Percussive Adventures 2 Screen

DVD. Percussive Adventures 1 was a huge success - and a Keyboard magazine KEY BUY AWARD winner! This is the original go-to-must-have library of extended performances used by countless big name film and TV composers not to mention remixers and electronica maniacs and is kind of legendary in the scoring world. Now the long awaited sequel is here! PERCUSSIVE ADVENTURES 2 expands the borders of the original in depth, detail and creativity. If you’ve experienced Percussive Adventures 1 you will be blown away with this sequel.

70 full multi-layered pieces. Full beds (full mixes), full bed loops, alternate mixes, phrases, endings, individual elements/layers, and some individual hits. Most of these pieces are complete in their own right and can stand on their own. You can easily expand, contract rearrange and remix to fit your needs. And it's not just percussion. There is a world of fresh ambient flowing textures and events perfect for combining with the rhythmic beds for complete soundtracks. Lots of sound design and creative processing here. In addition the producers combined similar elements from all the titles into three huge patches: "Big Hits", "Ambi Ants" and "Movers and Shakers". These are a big convenience when you simply don't have time to hunt for often used elements. We can't even list all you get, because you are limited only by your imagination. And when you tap into the incredible resources of Intakts' effects bank this library will be expanding out in endless directions.......

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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