Nexus Expansion: Bass

Nexus Expansion: Bass

ReFX Nexus Expansion: Bass

Low basses, squealing basses, fat basses, slim basses, distorted basses, pulsating basses... Here, they are all united and make the hearts of electro fans beat faster! Also recommended for trance - these basses will make the dance floor vibrate!

This expansion contains 128 electro bass sounds and has been designed by DejaVu (Kevin Schröder).

AR DejaVu line
AR DingoDongo
AR Electric Funky
AR Electro Hymne
AR Heaven
AR Intim
AR Mono
AR My City
AR Orbit 2
AR Porno
AR Rhythm
AR Rotor
AR Sexy Bass
AR Softi
AR Sun
AR The Game
AR Trancebass 2000
AR Trancebass 3000
AR Trancebass 4000
AR Trancebass 5000
AR Trancemaster
AR Transformer
AR Weekend
AR Yeah 2
BA April
BA Basement
BA Basspad
BA Beaker
BA Big Brother
BA BigBoy
BA Blockbuster
BA Break
BA Bubble
BA Cat
BA Club
BA Commodora
BA Contrabass Fat
BA Contrabass
BA Darkbass
BA Darkbass2
BA Detroit
BA Dickbass
BA Dirty
BA Discofox
BA Disk
BA Drubber
BA Ducking
BA E-Synthesizer
BA Earth
BA Egon
BA Electro Bass
BA Electro Carpet
BA Engine
BA Extrem
BA Filterbass
BA Fingers
BA Flat
BA Flying
BA Focus
BA Fox
BA Freshmaker
BA Future
BA Harder
BA Hell
BA Hero
BA Hologramm
BA Horn
BA Icecream
BA Industry
BA Ingwer
BA Knaxi
BA Knock
BA Knurtz
BA Lemon
BA London
BA Lotus
BA Maniac
BA Miami
BA Minimalo
BA Minimalo2
BA Monkey
BA Monotone
BA Monster
BA Mouse
BA Nice Bass
BA Nightbass
BA Northside
BA Orbit
BA Organ 2
BA Organ 3
BA Organ
BA Pading
BA Perverse
BA Phase
BA Pike 2
BA Pike
BA PoleNoise
BA Popcorn
BA Pressure
BA Pulse
BA Python
BA Quantro
BA Quicky
BA Ring
BA Robot
BA Shining
BA Solo
BA Spacy
BA Spoot
BA Spring
BA Squarebass 2
BA Squarebass
BA Squba
BA Stabber
BA Strip
BA Summer
BA Sunny
BA Surfer
BA Taurus
BA Teknoid
BA Touch
BA Trancebass 1000
BA Trent
BA Triple
BA Ultranabass
BA Walking
BA Yeah
BA Zipzap

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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