Nexus Expansion: Analog

Nexus Expansion: Analog

Nexus Expansion: Analog

128 analog sounds created on real analog equipment, such as Minimoog, Andromeda, Oberheim, TB303, and many more... Fat, round and warm - these attributes reflect the basic sound of this expansion. Snappy, biting electro basses; saturated leads and synths; fat, droning pads and many re-creations of well-known legends - all of them minimalistic, pure and raw. All sounds have the pleasant frequency response and the natural depth which analog-experts prefer.

AR Analog Spikes
AR Driven 303
AR Gone Mad
AR Keyvision
AR Nordic Walking
AR Parasequence
AR Sentry
AR Solid Pulse 1
AR Solid Pulse 2
AR Trashed 303
BA Andromeda Pulse
BA Benny Analog 1
BA Benny Analog 2
BA Bodyroxx
BA Broad Square
BA Brutal Square
BA Creep Hi
BA Creep Lo
BA Deep 303 Saw
BA Deep 303 SQ
BA Deep Sinebass 1
BA Deep Sinebass 2
BA Distortion Square
BA Drive Square
BA Edgy Square
BA Full Power 1
BA Full Power 2
BA Funny Organic
BA Hardsync Square 1
BA Hardsync Square 2
BA Juno Bass 1
BA Juno Bass 2
BA M-Vee
BA Minimax Unison
BA Minimax
BA Modelled Slap 1
BA Modelled Slap 2
BA Moog Square
BA MoogSaws Detuned
BA MoogSaws Unison
BA Noise Sync
BA Nord Saw
BA Nord Square
BA Oscar Square
BA Plain Pulse
BA Plugged Oscs 1
BA Plugged Oscs 2
BA Pride Square 1
BA Pride Square 2
BA Pulse Analog
BA Punchy Elektro
BA Resonating Strings
BA Romanic Sines
BA Snapper
BA Soft Drive
BA Square ANX
BA Square Layers
BA Squarebasher
BA TB Style
BA Teja Saw
BA Trippy
BA Weekend
BA Whitenoize Square
BA Whopper
BL Analog Bells
BL D-S Bells
BR Quadra Brass
DL Noize Hihat 1
DL Noize Hihat 2
DR Jungle Rumble
FX Odd Chords Please
FX Talking Oscillator
FX Vocoder Vintage
LD Fat Sweepdrive
LD Funky1 70
LD Funky2 70
LD Jomox
LD Prophet 5
LD Sponge
LD Tiny CS Square
LD Tiny Moog Square
LD Tiny Oscar Square
LD Tri-Lead
OR Stimulated
PD Analog Warmth
PD Andro Strings
PD Crying Violins
PD CS Strings
PD Dreamscape
PD Heavy Vintage
PD Movin Pad
PD Oberheim
PD Soft Pad
PD Sweep Pad
PD Unicorns
PL Analog Mute GT
PL Andro Saw Plg
PL Aurorapikes
PL Electro Lectro
PL Sinebottle
SY 11khz AD Convert
SY Centic Saw
SY Deep TB Ocean
SY Digisquare
SY Oxygen
SY Pseudo Stereo SQ
SY Real 303 Saw A
SY Real 303 Saw B
SY Real 303 Saw C
SY Real 303 Saw D
SY Real 303 Saw E
SY Real 303 Saw F
SY Real 303 SQ A
SY Real 303 SQ B
SY Real 303 SQ C
SY Real 303 SQ D
SY Real 303 SQ E
SY Seven of Five 1
SY Seven of Five 2
SY Smooth
SY The Egg
SY The Synced One
SY Vintage Chords 1
SY Vintage Chords 2
SY Zipperpulse
VO Analog Voicepad
VO Chopped Vocpad


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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