Minimal & Tech-House

Minimal & Tech-House
Sample Magic Minimal & Tech-House [Multiformat DVD]

Dark and subby, slick and dubby grooves for the mainroom.

With over 800Mb of the most upfront sounds, Minimal & Tech-House features countless speaker-freakin’ drum loops, throbbing basslines, esoteric synth loops, squelchy fx and hits guaranteed to cause a stir on any floor.

What's in the collection?

Drums > 100s of deep and chunky bigroom beats at 125, 127 and 130bpm – all primed for dancefloor destruction. Minimal & Tech-House - drums

Bass > Warm and wobbly, slick and bubbly – a bumper selection of low-end melters, pumped and tweaked to cause major stylus trouble. Minimal & Tech-House - basslines

Kick-free loops > From twisted textures to eclectic effectors, masses of pared-down tops to inspire your groove. Minimal & Tech-House - tops

Music loops > A choice selection of cone-melting combos – ready-mixed drum and bass loops to jump-start your creativity. Minimal & Tech-House - music combos

Synths > Gltchy runs and slinky riffs from our extensive analogue synthesiser collection - all key-labelled for your convenience. Minimal & Tech-House - synth loops

Hits > Masses of kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, squelches and glitches to custom-build your beats.

FX > A vast array of sweeps, swoops, rises and whooshes.

Much more > Pads, warped vocals and atmospherics, plus our unique production tips. Minimal & Tech-House - twisted vox loops

FORMATS: 2.41GB DVD multipack (3,287 files), 24-bit Wavs (800Mb 974 files), Stylus RMX compatible Rex files (347Mb, 705 files), Apple Loops (706Mb, 704 files) plus EXS24, Reason NNXT, Kontakt II and Halion patches.

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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