Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle [3 DVD]

Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle [3 DVD]

Matthew Weiss Mixing EDM Bundle [3 DVD] [Tutorial]

Take your mixes and productions to the next level.

Drums, synths, bass, vocals, transitions, drops and more, mix engineer Matthew Weiss shows you how to get the best sound out of all your EDM mixes and productions.

You'll learn how to:

Get maximum impact out of your drops

  • We'll teach you how to make sure all of your drops sound huge and translate well on laptops, earbuds, and of course — dance floors.


Increase the stereo width of your mix

  • Learn techniques for pitch-shifting, panning, doubling, imaging, frequency-dependent separation, modulation, mid-side processing, reverb and delay.


Mix a lush sounding lead vocal

  • Learn how to get a modern glossy vocal with EQ, dynamics processing and time-based effects while avoiding a harsh or over-processed sound.


Pretreat vocals with pitch correction

  • Perfect your vocals with transparent pitch correction, use tuning as a radical effect, or find that perfect sweet spot right in between.


Mix kicks that cut through a dense mix

  • A great sounding kick drum is paramount. We'll show you the secrets to getting hard-hitting kicks in our in-depth kick mixing workshop.


Add a rhythmic pulse to your mix

  • You may know it as sidechain compression, but there's many ways to get rhythmic pumping. We'll break them all down so you know which to use.


Add excitement with automation

  • Static mixes are boring! We'll show you how to use automation to bring life and excitement to special moments hiding within your song.


Maximize tension and release in a mix

  • We'll show you tips and techniques for getting the most out of buildups and breakdowns that result in dramatic moments of tension and release.


Get huge synth leads, pads and basses

  • Learn how to bring color and excitement out of your synths while making sure they stand out and sit perfectly in the mix.


Apply these techniques to other genres

  • This tutorial is based around EDM source material, but the techniques and approaches we teach you will directly apply to other genres as well.


Manipulate contrast within your song

  • Contrast is vital to a great song and an exciting mix. We’ll show you techniques for achieving effective contrast within your arrangement and mix.


Get the best results out of mastering

  • Learn how to prepare your mixes and get the most out of mastering in our 40 minute interview with legendary mastering engineer Chris Athens.


Learn how to...

  • Mix drops for maximum impact on the dance floor
  • Use tonal and dynamic contrast to your advantage
  • Automate for more exciting songs and mixes
  • Make your synth leads and basses sound huge
  • Mix a hard-hitting kick drum that cuts through the mix
  • Mix a lush sounding lead vocal that sits perfectly in the pocket
  • Manipulate the perceived width, depth and height of a mix
  • Prepare your mix for getting the best results from mastering


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