LM-4 DrumKit From Hell

LM-4 DrumKit From Hell

DISC 1 MULTIS/ADDITIONAL CYMBALS. This disc contains ready made kits multis and Toms, Hats, Cymbals multis for quick creation of custom kits. You can choose from stereo, 4/8 or 10 output versions, or if you have an FX board fitted you can load the “produced” multis. The default kit comprises 1x Sonor DS2 14x5 Snare, L+R Sonor 22x18 Kicks, Sonor Tomsx5, Sabian 14” Hats, Sabian 22” Ride and 6x Cymbals. The Tom, Hat, Cymbals kit is the same only without kicks and snare. The – symbol means gated close miked drums. This disc also contains an “additional cymbals” multi with 13 cymbals not included in the default set for you to create costum cymbal sets with.DISC 2 PROGRAMMES This disc is where you will find all the seperate drums, hats and cymbals programmes (except additional cymbals) for creation of custom kits. Whenever you load a drum programme, you get the close miked drum (with a C at the end of the filename), the room ambiencemikes (with an R at the end of the filename) and – which means close miked gated (also with a C at the end of the filename).

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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