KONTAKT I [Full version]

KONTAKT I [Full version]

Native Instruments KONTAKT + Full 3 Gb Library

Realtime time-stretching and resynthesis. Graphical breakpoint envelopes. Integrated loop editor. Integrated file-browser supporting drag and drop. Analog-modelled filters (14 varieties from analog lowpass and highpass to exotic sound-design filters). Visually displayed modulation A broad range of insert and send effects, including EQs, waveshapers, delays, and reverbs 32 Outputs,256 stereo voices, Filters, effects, and modulations can easily be added with one click. If an audio-process is not active, it is neither displayed on the screen nor calculated by the CPU.

Unlike a conventional sampler, where pitch and length are always linked, KONTAKT’s integrated granular resynthesis engine frees you to compose with pitch and timestretch independently. KONTAKT can play back each sample in one of three modes: classic mode, Time Machine mode, and Tone Machine mode. The Time Machine allows real-time manipulation of length, pitch, and formant. The Tone Machines imprints a playable pitch onto the sample and maintains the same length across the keyboard. Nearly all of KONTAKT’s parameters can be dynamically modulated by LFOs, breakpoint envelopes, step-sequencers, or via MIDI velocity or controller 3GB Sound library.


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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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